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WCS 2016 – New and Used Book Sales Information

Dear 2016 WCS Attendees,


We are grateful to Linda Luste and her daughter, Tija Dirks, for their dedication to continuing the ever-popular Symposium tradition of the new and used book table. We will also be selling 36 titles and CDs from past and current WCS presenters. You will find the titles available in the attached lists.

Here is everything you need to know for your reading & listening purchase planning:

Used Book Sales Schedule

The tables will be open on Saturday only.

Sorry – no advance sales available.

The sales times are strictly observed and the tables close 5 minutes before the speakers start again; we have a full schedule, so shop early to avoid disappointment!

8:30-8:55am  |  10:30-11:05am  |  12:40-2:15pm  |  3:50-4:25pm  |  6:00-7:10pm**CLOSING TIME



All prices are in Canadian Dollars.

If you are paying in US Dollars, the conversion rate is 1.4**

(if there is a significant difference on the Friday before, we will adjust up or down, accordingly)

Book prices range from $0.50/book to +$100, depending on the title.


to spend at the book tables! 

There is no cash-point / ATM on-site

We cannot accept credit cards.

Personal cheques are also accepted. Please make cheques payable to Erika Bailey



Hallway by registration – new and used lower-priced books

Auditorium – new and used higher-priced books

Auditorium - presenters' publications. The presenters will be happy to sign your purchases.


Finally, a word of thanks to our book table volunteers who will be working hard to serve you as you buy all the books!

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