Many of us would like to express, in our own words, our deep appreciation for what George Luste has done for both the Wilderness and the wilderness paddler. We provided this blank space for you to add your comments.


Submitted by agusev on

Dear George:

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for the many years of putting together the WCA Symposium. This year, a recent attendee, asked me why I come.  My response was it provided me with a sense of place and getting to know one’s own country from a different perspective which could be environmental, historical, geographical, artistic, etc. It also gave me  a sense of community of fellow like-minded people who were willing to share their experiences and knowledge. The symposium delivered valuable learning moments and sometimes these were communicated in a very entertaining manner. It has been a privilege to be tune in and turned on.

Earl Silver

Submitted by Philip Schubert on

I learned a lot in George's retrospective at the end of WCS 2013, as we followed him from being a young guy on his first trip in the North to becoming, in effect, an ambassador representing the North. As a latecomer to all this, I only regret the number of symposiums I've missed in the past. There are very few routes in the North that George has not been over. I felt kinship with George in learning at WCS 2013 that he, like me, was quite prepared to do trips solo.


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