2022 Program

WCS Program - Quick Overview

5:00 Zoomitorium Door Opens for Speakers and Volunteers

5:30 Waiting Room Door Opens for General Audience

5:50 Zoomitorium Door Opens for everyone

6:00 Welcoming Remarks

6:10 Nicolas Roulx and Guillaume Moreau: 2022 WCS Email 4: Expedition AKOR "Crossing Canada: Beyond Geographical Exploration"

6:55 Jerry Vandiver and Caitlin Evanson

7:00 Patrick Moldowan: "Wilderness as a living laboratory..."

7:30 Jeremy Ward

7:35 Breakout Sessions

8:10 Jon Turk: Tracking Lions, Myth, and Wilderness in Samburu

8:55 Closing

How to JOIN Zoom Meeting on the 16th February? 

Assuming you already registered, look for an email in your Inbox titled "37th Wilderness and Canoe Symposium Confirmation"

The Email was sent to you from "no-reply@zoom.us". On the Symposium Wednesday (16 Feb 2022), click on the big blue button "JOIN MEETING".






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