Monarch ParkDavid PellyIva KinclovaMonarch Park 2Michelle DaviesFacilitators
George Luste addresses 2013 Wilderness and Canoe Symposium attendees (Photo by John Yip)
David Pelly, Ottawa, Ontario: “Ukkusiksalik – The People’s Story: The Power of Inuit Oral History” (2016 WCS)
Iva Kinclova,Toronto, Ontario: “Finding partners for Arctic canoeing journeys ”
Stretching our legs during the break between sessions at the 2013 Wilderness and Canoe Symposium (Photo by John Yip)
Michelle Tari Davies, Newfoundland “Seeking the Sites: an Archaeological Guide to Labrador”
2016 WCSymposium Facilitators: Erika Bailey, Bill King, Katie Tanz, Emma Brandy, Iva Kinclova and Wendy Scott - thank you!

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