2c Lessons Learned in Northern Quebec

2c Amelia Ingersoll & Kera Zegar
Saturday, February 20, 2016
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INGERSOLL, Amelia – is 16-year old and has been canoe tripping since she was ten. Her father is the director of Keewaydin, a wilderness canoe tripping camp in Northern Ontario that she has been attending as a camper for the past seven summers. In these summers spent canoeing in the great Canadian Wilderness, she has travelled in the Temagami Area, Wabakimi Provincial Park on the Ottoskwin River, in Northern Quebec on the East Main River, Great Whale River and the Guerin River. Over the years she has grown a very strong love for the wilderness and canoeing. This summer she completed her final summer as a camper at the camp, a 7-week journey to the Hudson Bay. 

ZEGAR, Kera – is a 19-year old freshman at the University of San Francisco this year. She developed her love for the outdoors and canoeing when she attended Keewaydin, a traditional wilderness canoe tripping camp in Northern Ontario in 2007. Since then Kera has enjoyed trips in Northern Ontario’s Wabakimi Provincial Park on the Ottoskwin River and also in Northern Quebec where she paddled on the East Maine, the Great Whale and the Guerin River. Her final trip as a camper was this summer; an extraordinary seven week expedition to the Hudson Bay. There is no other way Kera would rather spend her summers and she is excited to share her experiences.

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