6a Tell Me a Story – A Song for George Luste

Tribute to George Luste
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Sunday, February 21, 2016
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HADFIELD, Dave – With a very large and wide-ranging song base, Dave’s music covers a lot of ground. A canoe and snowshoe tripper of many years, a segment of Dave’s music originates in his explorations of the Shield-Forest in NE Manitoba and NW Ontario. His songs are deeply rooted in the land, telling stories of people who’ve lived there past and present – some are comical, some are deeply-felt celebrations of wilderness, but they always touch the spirit of those who like to wander north. His music has also been played in outer space – Dave wrote and co-wrote many of the songs recorded by his brother Chris while in orbit; now released, and also part of an orchestral concert series initiated by the Windsor Philharmonic. Dave’s “In Canada” song was recently released as a music video, and went viral, gaining over a million hits in 3 days on YouTube alone. His music has been used for soundtracks for award-winning films, is featured on the “Canoesongs” album, and often accompanies slideshows presented by noted wilderness trippers and photographers. He has 3 albums, 2 of original wilderness ballads and one collection of more varied material. Another is in the works. He lives near Barrie. Dave writes music that will transport you away to another time and place. dave@hadfield.ca www.hadfield.ca

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