“Boreal to the Barren Grounds - An 1800 km Wilderness Odyssey”

Presentation at the 32nd annual Wilderness and Canoe Symposium in Toronto, 24-25 February 2017
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Friday, February 23, 2018
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WOLF, FRANK – is a Canadian adventurer, writer, filmmaker and environmentalist. He is known for feature magazine articles and films that document wilderness expeditions around the world, with a focus on the Canadian North. His expeditions include being the first to canoe across Canada in one season and cycling 2,000 km in winter on the Yukon River from Dawson to Nome. In 2015 he was named One of Canada's Top 100 Explorers by Canadian Geographic Magazine and in 2012 he was named one of Canada's Top Ten Adventurers by Explore Magazine. www.frankwolf.net


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