“Fitting your canoe pack to carry heavy loads lightly!”

Breakout Session at 2021 Wilderness and Canoe Symposium,Hosted by Iva Kinclova
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Wednesday, February 17, 2021
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OSTROM, BILL Upon graduation from Outdoor Recreation at Lakehead University, Bill was hired as an Equipment Technologist. He started a sewing lab, taught skills and was in charge of purchasing, maintaining and repairing all the equipment. Bill became a gear freak! He married his best friend, Anne! Even with COVID they are still best friends (and married)! In 1987, he started Ostrom Outdoors with a nylon canoe pack, back in the era of canvas. He designed and manufactured a line of packs in Thunder Bay until 2013. Closing the manufacturing part of the business was the most difficult decision he has ever made. Since 2013 he has been prototyping and designing gear, helping clients bring their ideas to market. He enjoys it immensely! Bill’s motto: “Keep your paddle in the water and your stick on the ice and good things will happen!”


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