The revised menu below.  For anyone who have dietary restrictions that does not fit in with the menu, we can prepare a special meal which will be labeled, with their name, at the VEGETARIAN buffet.  Need to know no later than Fri 17 Feb.

Important message from Iva Kinclova and Cheryl Stoltz:

"Good news! We are going to use reusable dishes for meals in order to tread lighter on Mother Nature as an expression of gratitude for all the amazing experiences that have been granted by her.  A small donation towards dishes (loaned by a WCA member) is appreciated to help us build a bigger collection for next year.
You can also help by recycling and volunteer to wash some dishes. Lug your mug as usual!"


V = vegan  GF = gluten free   LF =  dairy free   Veg = Vegetarian

Friday evening reception

Warm apple cider, cold cranberry punch
Savoury appetizers -  GF /  V options will be labelled
Chips and dips - GF /  V options will be labelled
Mini desserts - GF /  V options will be labelled

Saturday mid morning coffee break

Morning pastries, such as croissant, scones, muffins, banana bread - GF /  V options will be labelled
Coffee, tea

Saturday lunch

Roasted root vegetable soup  GF, LF, V
Meat:  warm assorted cold cut subs, warm meatball tomato sauce subs LF
Vegetarian:  warm grilled veggie wraps V, LF    warm vegetarian gluten free grain patties on buns Veg, GF
Kale, Brussels, broccoli and veggie slaw with sunflower and Pepita seeds  GF, LF, V
Cookies - GF /  V options will be labelled
Assorted juices, pop
Coffee, tea

Saturday mid afternoon break

Any leftover cookies from lunch
Savoury snacks, including cheeses- GF /  V options will be labelled
Juices, coffee, tea

Saturday dinner

Meat: Jambalaya, hearty meaty creole casserole with tomato (contains pork) GF, LF
Vegetarian:  Black pepper tofu, not overly spicy  V, GF, LF * contains soy
Rice pilaf V, GF, LF
Caesar salad  Veg, GF, LF - cheese and croutons on side
Rolls with butter
English trifle (layered cake, fruit, custard topped with whipped cream)


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