“The Humility to Go with the Flow”

Presentation at the 32nd annual Wilderness and Canoe Symposium in Toronto, 24-25 February 2017
Saturday, February 24, 2018
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LEGER-SAVARD, FRANÇOIS – has made several journeys, either as a travel guide or as a crew member, to the far North of Quebec which is, as well, the first territory that he explored in his capacity as a professional photographer. His photographs bear witness to the powerful draw of the North, and demonstrate the friendships he has established there with members of the First Nations, whose people have lived on these lands for several thousand years. He works as a cameraman on documentary films which explore the social realm in various parts of the planet. “From behind the camera, my eyes observe things that are difficult to explain, impossible to deny, imperative to share. Whether it is to help us bow down before the beauty of the world or to condemn those things that make us ugly, I feel the need to share these images which help me to mature.” 

DESJARDINS-CHARBONNEAU, ARIEL – has been paddling rivers of Quebec for many years. His passion is about exploration and he likes sharing it, that is why he has started making maps of rivers that were undocumented. Ariel also likes to push the boundaries in all the aspect of his life, he’s a co-owner physical therapy clinics where he works as a practitioner, he also teaches at the University of Montréal and he is also involved in clinical research. In the off season, Ariel pores over maps in order to plot out exciting upcoming expeditions. 

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