"To paddle or not paddle in the Territories in the summer of '21?"

Breakout Session at 2021 Wilderness and Canoe Symposium,Hosted by Iva Kinclova
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Wednesday, February 17, 2021
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KINCLOVA, IVA – is an educator who fell in love with canoeing in the Arctic. She is grateful for being able to spend long summers on the land travelling through a variety of terrain while practicing moving meditation with her small summer tribe. She believes that we, canoeists, need to take responsibility for caring for the land and all beings living on it so that future generations can enjoy it as much as we do.

This was a place to discuss:

  • the kinds of trips that could be possible this coming summer 
  • what is happening in Canadian northern communities now and the for-seeable future in terms of Covid
  • likely travel situation in the territories (and in Canada in general) in the summer


Framework of this session:

  • this is time to share what you know
  • identify clearly what you think vs what you know
  • disclose the source of your factual information (Where have you learned what you are sharing?)
  • keep your share under 2 minutes so that we can hear from a number of you


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