Torie Gervais: “Valuing Wilderness: New Canadian Future Leaders in Quetico Provincial Park”

Presentation at the 32nd annual Wilderness and Canoe Symposium in Toronto, 24-25 February 2017
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Saturday, February 25, 2017
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Torie Gervais is a secondary school teacher with the TDSB teaching geography, environmental studies and outdoor education. She has spent countless summers exploring Ontario by canoe, often as a teacher and guide, both professionally with youth and with many friends. Over twenty years ago she spent an entire summer season paddling through the exceptional waters of Quetico Provincial Park as a part of the portage crew, and three years ago she became the lead instructor of the Ridley Wilderness Youth Programme (funded by the Quetico Foundation, and in partnership with Trinity Theatre), guiding new Canadian youth on their first ever wilderness canoe trip – some of whom will also be presenting. She is an avid photographer, expert maple syrup producer and seasoned world traveler.

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