Important Notes & Changes that were introduced in 2012

Wilderness & Canoeing Symposium Registration Process



Aleks Gusev is working with George Luste and several other volunteers on assembling the program of speakers. As speakers are confirmed, updates to the program will be posted online at  http://www.wcsymposium.com/ under WCS2015. You can email your program recommendations to Aleks Gusev at wcsymposium@gmail.com


We will need many volunteers this year, as we'll have to replace the helpful hands of your students and alumni as they are not going to be available. If you can volunteer to help with one or more duties, please contact Aleks Gusev at wcsymposium@gmail.com

Online Registration & PayPal Payment Available

We continue to be amazed with the number of online registrations we received in the past two years. Last year, over 95% of WCS attendees have chosen to reserve and pay for their seats & meals on WCS website! Encouraged by the high adoption rate of the online booking option, we executed the next phase in our 5-year development plan.


There are no major changes planned for the 2015 Symposium. Here's the recap of changes that were introduced in 2012 registration process:


  1. You now have the ability to create your own WCS user profile; the information you provide will be used only by WCS and only for the explicit purpose of providing you with timely Symposium updates.  Hint: if you change your email address in the future, remember to change it in your WCS profile! We are no longer keeping track of email addresses from the past Symposium attendees, as they change all the time. Responsibility is now on you to keep a valid email address in your WCS profile.
  2. You can now view and print your order form at any time, once you log in.
  3. We will generate an automated email confirmation for each order you submit, with an itemized summary of your order.
  4. Payment options remain Paypal and cheque:


  1. Paying by Paypal:  Through Paypal, you can pay with Visa, MasterCard, American Express or your Paypal account. You do not need to be a Paypal member in order to pay using the Paypal option. You will receive confirmation of payment from PayPal.   PayPal can only be paid with Canadian dollars (US participants paying online should pay in CAD).
  2. Paying by cheque: If you have chosen to pay by cheque, make it payable to WCA Symposium and mail it to the address provided in the order confirmation. Cheques from US banks are accepted.


By registering online, we will be able to assign your seats earlier & it will help to keep both our mailing costs & our volunteer labor down.  Please take advantage of the online option!!


The online registration form be available here


Pickup of Registration Package

Again this year we will not mail out Seat Tickets & Meal Vouchers.  Check-in stations will be set up at the Symposium on Fri. night & Sat. morning at the end of the hallway (same location as last year), where you can pick up your registration package. If you registered a group, please arrange that only one person pick up the package for the whole group. You will be asked to sign for receipt of your package.  The final seating chart will be posted online one or two weeks before the symposium.



Price of admission remains miraculously unchanged in 2015 ($45 for general admission). Since the Canadian & US dollar are close , the US prices will be the same as the Canadian prices. All registrations received after Jan 30, 2015 will be subject to a higher fee. We do offer student discount for groups of students - please contact Aleks for details.



Seats are assigned on a first come, first served basis with special consideration given to attendees with special needs, those coming from afar and groups. Seat charts will be published several days prior to the event. You need to pick up an actual admission ticket, which also includes the meal stubs (if you paid for meals). Tickets must be picked up on Friday evening. Seat finders (by seat # and by alphabet) will be posted in the foyer.

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