Youth Paddlers wanted for Duke of Edinburgh Gold Adventurous Journey

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Come out and have fun on a youth canoe trip and help me complete this challenge!
Looking for at least 5 people 14-24 to paddle this spring or summer. Do NOT have to be D of E participants.
I need to plan and execute a trip of a minimum of 4 days and 3 nights, plus a 3 day/2-night practice journey. Each day must have 8 hour of combined camp work, meal preparation and travel.

Certifications: ORCKA MW 1, CSP 1, WFA and have taken ORCKA tripping Level 3,
I will be 18 and have lead trips for Scouts Canada
have an extensive trip log.
I like moving water, but will choose a route based on group decision of either flat water, or a river where rapids can be portaged.

Dates TBD/

If you want to get out and paddle, contact me at (I am not at this event). Even if you can’t do this trip, I would like to meet others who paddle.

Hope to hear from you

Sandy (Alexander)


Or see the Cheryl at seat U27/29/28/or 29! (or call her at 905-960-0720

Additional certified (ORCKA instructor(s) and AWAFA) adult help can be available on the trip or travelling parallel.

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